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Candygasm Saga


By David Smith & Jamie Hulse, 2014


It's another quiet day in Gameville. Your studio's new game, The Sword of Candy Saga, has reached the top of the Google Play and Apple Store charts! All is well, until you receive a call from King's legal team, demanding that you change your name. Seeing as how nobody in their right mind would ever confuse an RPG in which you wield a candy sword to vanquish the chocolate monster for a cheap Bejewelled rip-off, you politely decline.

Unfortunately, this sparked a lot of anger within King, as it is their sole belief that the words "Candy" and "Saga" exist solely to peddle their crap upon your mothers, non-gamer relatives and friends. Upon finishing your conversation, you hear a stampede. Looking out the window, you see several large and small Kings and a few Lawyers running your way.

But all is not lost, they didn't account for the super top secret candy gun in the sky, paid for with the royalties of your smash gaming hit...

How to Play

Aim the crosshair to wherever you wish to drop the candy using the arrow keys and press the space bar to shoot. The object of the game is to hit the Little Kings, Daddy Kings and Lawyers in order to stop them getting to the studio and thus closing it down. They get faster as you level up. If the Closure Meter gets to 100, it's game over. How far can you get?

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Published Feb 04, 2014
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Install instructions

Just unzip and play!


Candygasm Saga-Default- 6 MB